Sunday, May 29, 2011

Taking Chance

So I watched a movie today called Taking Chance. It is a movie directed by a retired Marine Lt. Col about his duty escorting the remains of PFC Chance Phelps home for burial. It was one of the more impactful movies I have watched regarding the war that has engulfed my generation. The dignity and respect shown to this fallen warrior brought tears to my eyes. I dare say it was the greatest movie about the war I have watched because there wasn't all of the action and hell that is combat. It chronicled a part of the war that no one wants to talk about: Those who have lost their lives and those who have to carry on in the wake of their death. Absolutely amazing, I suggest it to anyone and everyone.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ok so I know I said I wouldn't write about work.....

As the title says, I am breaking that rule. I pretty much have to seeing as the only thing I have really occurring in life is my job at the moment. It's been going well, lots of training to get in before I get deployed. The funny part is one year ago I wanted to leave all this behind, and now I really am looking forward to re-enlisting and continuing to progress in this career. Give it another couple years and I will probably want out again lol. At least if I leave then I will have a much more marketable skill. Just felt like throwing something into the blog for now, I will write more later if the fancy strikes me or something interesting actually happens.